About Anastasis

Anastasis is developed by a motivated team with the goal to help you to protect your private data.

Company Background

Users of electronic wallets need a way to backup their secret keys. Anastasis enables splitting up the key data to minimize the trust you need to have into our escrow service. Our solution implements privacy by design and thus ensures that we learn as little as possible as late as possible about our users. Anastasis works close with other Free Software privacy projects, such as GNU Taler and pretty Easy privacy (pEp).

Our Principles

1. Privacy

Privacy is our primary objective. We do not collect any unneccessary personal data, and the data we collect we encrypt until the point where we need it.

2. Free Software

Anastasis is Free Software and only uses components which are also Free Software. Our documentation is also fully available and unencumbered.

3. Be usable

Our focus is on delivering a practical solution that is usable for ordinary users and not just for experts.

4. Flexible trust model

Anastasis must not rely on the trustworthiness of individual providers. It must be possible to use Anastasis safely, even if a subset of the providers is malicious.

5. The user is in control

Anastasis must put the user in control: They get to decide which providers to use and which combinations of authentication steps will be required to restore their core secret. The core secret always remains exclusively under the user’s control, even during recovery.

Meet the team

Berna Alp


Vaishnavi Mohan


Christian Grothoff