GNU Anastasis v0.2.0 released

GNU Anastasis is a Free Software protocol and implementation that allows users to securely deposit core secrets with an open set of escrow providers and to recover these secrets if their original copies are lost.

Currently, GNU Anastasis is released as Alpha-quality software. It is not yet production ready! You cannot rely on it to keep your secrets recoverable today! In particular, we need to still review the various country-specific questions used to create unique user identifiers at the beginning of the backup and recovery process. Community feedback on those inputs would be particularly welcome!

Notable changes include:

  • Support for TOTP authentication (RFC 6238)
  • Anastasis-gtk can show provider's privacy policy and terms of service
  • Anastasis-gtk warns users against using only single-factor or only two-factor authentication
  • Anastasis-gtk shows users liability limits of providers and allows users to disable providers they do not like
  • Various cosmetic improvements

You can download the sources from the main GNU FTP server via HTTP(S) and FTP. It can also be found on the GNU mirrors; please use a mirror if possible.

Further information about Anastasis as well as detailed installation instructions (including Debian and Ubuntu packages) can be found at If you find any problems with GNU Anastasis, please report them to our bugtracker.