Anastasis was awarded the ISSS excellence award

The ISSS excellence award was won by Dominik Meister and Dennis Neufeld for their Bachelor thesis Anastasis.

The Information Security Society Switzerland short (ISSS), Switzerland's largest associations of ICT security professionals, presented the ISSS excellence Award for the seventh time in 2020. One of the winners of the excellence award was Anastasis. The laudation of the jury:
Anastasis - Password-less key recovery via multi-factor multi-party authentication

Passwords and other secret information are important elements in our life today, whether we access personal services provided via the Internet or confidential information kept in local storage. But how can we access such services or information if the secret keys needed got lost, e.g. due to hardware failure, negligence or a cyber attack? In their thesis, Dominik Meister and Dennis Neufeld demonstrate a novel approach to mitigate such risks, by designing a method and a system for secret key recovery. Their approach consists of an authentication of the secret owner using multiple redundant factors and a distribution of parts of the secret key(s) to various service providers. It features a zero-knowledge authentication of the secret owner and warrants that none of the service providers will be able to reconstruct the recovered secret key(s). The authors also propose a business model and corresponding case studies using their approach, and plan to build a start-up company based on this model, thus exploiting the technical approach they designed in their thesis.

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